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July breakdown Empty July breakdown

Post by The Machine on Mon 16 Jul 2012 - 13:48

First off well done to both teams for bringing home trophies Very Happy

Well I thought I would start this off while it is fresh in my mind (hope you don't mind Jon)

As a team we played well. All doing our own jobs well and playing like a team. Communication was better and we pushed well. There were a few bad calls from the refs but we rolled with the punches and moved on to the next game, mainly anyway.

My communication was alright but I need to be louder so people can hear me better. The last few games I found myself pinned in more so maybe I should have mixed it up a bit (as teams who had watched us knew what I was going to do).

I had some mistakes, like when i was too far out off my bunker and got shoot in the goggles also some of my runs were late or even too early, but I feel I had more good moments with the movements and runs. I guess it comes down with experience.

My field awareness was better, and most of the time I could guess or know where the other team was.

Overall I felt I played great and am pleased with my personal performance. I am also very happy with the teams performance and feel like we are all progressing, individually and as a team.

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The Machine
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July breakdown Empty Re: July breakdown

Post by Badger on Mon 16 Jul 2012 - 20:53


I think we played really well together and the communication was a lot better and could hear a lot more this month.


Well where do I start ... I am never hanging a flag ever again without a team mate checking me first, even if I have been called clear from a ref! I was shouting alot more this month but not too sure if people could hear me or not.

I need to get in tighter to my bunker while playing as well as most of my hits where on my side, pack and hopper. I felt alot more comfortable moving about this month and knew where I was going and where I would be shooting from those bunkers.

I feel like I have learnt shed loads this month but know I have a LOT more to learn but I just guess that that will come with time spent playing.
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July breakdown Empty Re: July breakdown

Post by HOBBIT on Tue 17 Jul 2012 - 22:31

well done both teams
delta we pulled it out and shown we can do it when we work together as a unit

me: my communiation still lacks
i think my confidence has improved alot with moving to bunkers
i felt happy playing with the guys in my squad
i feel everyone including me shown what they are able to do

so again well done guys

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July breakdown Empty Re: July breakdown

Post by Cookieboro on Wed 18 Jul 2012 - 10:59

What a top weekend! and some amazing results to boot Very Happy (3 points off 3rd lol) Well done delta and chaos.

I think the coaching is really paying off and has got us all going in the right direction. We pulled togeather, got paint in the air, had aggression , played as a team and had fun doing it.

I had a big problem shooting left, so I'm working on that ATM and aim to be back up to par by next month, I think my coms could have been a little better at times but think I settled down and had a more relaxed attitude and it allowed me to think and make better calls.

I'm really looking forward to next month! Bring it on!! !!


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July breakdown Empty Re: July breakdown

Post by Jon on Mon 23 Jul 2012 - 20:58

tried this 3 times now and its managed to dissapear last time!

i had a shocking day, the paint i struggled with all morning. It just seemed to break in my hopper then i ran out of air after shooting and then chopped a few balls, the paint doesnt normally blow all over the bolt and feedneck it did this time and then next game i was chopping agin as i had only cleaned the bolt.

I just didnt seem to get settled, i had problems hitting the right lanes off the break even though they should of been the same as last month.

i should of walked the field for longer and looked at the lanes a lot better! my fault i was too complacet. we had that field locked the month before but it played different and i just couldnt master it as much as i would of liked.

i still made g counts off the break with sue so it wasnt all bad news and took people out of the t's but i i wasnt on my game getting shot off the break etc.

did have a good moment in the t's when i smashed paint in my hopper so i ran upto sue had a chat while people were shooting us in the t's told her to get ready i was gonna run they all shoot me and sue pops out and shoot them it did work lol. and they missed me ha ha Very Happy

lessons learnt : store paint better it was too cold. walk field better and dont be so complacent! but i still rock lmao (o/j)

All round nice guy Smile

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July breakdown Empty Re: July breakdown

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