Recruitment session! Sunday 27th May

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Recruitment session! Sunday 27th May

Post by KaiD on Thu 12 Apr 2012 - 0:03

We have got round to organising a group training session for people who have a specific interest in joining the team. We only have about ten places so please get in early! This session will be run as part of an induction and selection for the team. Other aspects will include, if selected, going down to watch a tournament in which the team competes and then playing in one following that.

The initial session will be held at OnTarget Paintball Site on Sunday 27th May, please PM me to book a place (DO NOT POST IN HERE!)
YOU WILL NEED A MASK FOR THIS SESSION! Guns will be provided but you must have, at minimum, a paintball mask. We do have a couple of spares but these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If you have no paintball clothing then old clothing is recommended. Be aware overalls etc are not provided!
If you are selected and make it through to the playing stage of the tournament please be aware that equipment will not be provided. You are expected to get all your own for your own use.

Minimum age for playing paintball is 12 years old. This said anyone under the age of 18 years must have a parent/guardian attend all tournaments with them as the team cannot accept guardianship for minors. This maybe be up for discission for anyone between 16 and 18 years depending on circumstances!
Tournaments are usually held in the midlands area. Mostly Uttoxeter.

Be aware this is an induction session and not a mess about. It is not something to bring your friends down to for a laugh. Only apply if you have a serious and genuine interest in joining the team.

By applying for the team you are confirming that you are willing to put in your time to play for the team on a monthly basis. The team expects an amount of dedication and will not tollerate anyone who applys with the intention of just 'playing one or two'. Remember as a set team of 5, if you do not play you are letting 4 other guys down, not just yourself! We do accept that there may be certain external influences that will prevent you from playing, we accept that but an example of 'The footy is on' is not good enough!

Sorry for blabbing on guys but with limited places we need to prevent places being taken up by time wasters!

When applying please supply your:-
whether you have a driving liscence or not (and a car)
What paintball equipment you already own
a pen picture (a little about who you are, hobbies, interests, what you do for a living etc)
contact telephone number
email address

CLICK HERE to PM for aplace on the session
Some people are having trouble using the. PM function. If this is the case please e-mail me kgdonnelly[at] (substitute [at] for @)

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Re: Recruitment session! Sunday 27th May

Post by Jon on Thu 12 Apr 2012 - 0:55

If you do need to purchase equipment please speak to myself or kai and I will try and arrange a discount at a local paintball vendor. More details to follow.

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