Classifieds - sale/wanted rules

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Classifieds - sale/wanted rules

Post by Jay on Tue 4 May 2010 - 0:33

This is the part of the forums you post any equipment for sale or any equipment you might need.
also for any new equipment visit as they have gun deals and all equipment needed for tournament and woodsball.


On Target Paintball and its associates take no responsibility for the sale of faulty or damaged goods sold in this section.

only the person or persons involved in the transaction are liable for the condition of the iteam/s.

On Target Paintball and its assosciates do not hold responsibility for any payment faults or frauds.

It is up to the individual to keep all paswords and pin codes and bank details secure as On target Paintball cannot be held responsible for leaked details.


1) all relevent information on the iteam/s sold are to be displayed
2) all known faults or damage with iteam/s sold must be displayed clearly in the post
3) all iteam/s must have a picture included in sale thread with a peice of paper or other sign with the the date and the username of the person/s selling said iteam/s
4) upon sale of an iteam/s please post a final reply of sold thus closing the the threat and to avoid any further contact about the iteam/s
5) only after an iteam/s has be declared sold can further descusion of payment and delivery be taken place via private chat or alternative means..

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